Résolvez le Challenge et partez gratuitement à la conférence Hack In The Box Amsterdam 2014 ! Welcome to the first edition of the Oppida-NSC Challenge.


Welcome to the first edition of the Oppida-NSC challenge!

The challenge will start on the 16th of April at 14:00 GMT+1, and end on the 16th of May at 00:00 GMT+1.
It will consist of a Windows application (32 bits) that you will be able to download as soon as the challenge starts.

Details of your analysis must be provided within one week after the solution.

The winner will be the first to provide a solution (still requires to provide a detailled analysis).
The next 10 solutions received after the first one will participate in a /dev/urandom draw.
First prize:
An Hack In The Box Amsterdam 2014 ( pass + hotel + flight! (1)
HITB is one of the most respected security conference available in Europe.
Oppida is inviting you to this wonderful event next year!


Second prize

 A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 16Gb


By participating to the challenge you agree that your name, solution, and detailed analysis may be published on any media the NSC committee deems appropriate.
Winners will need to provide a valid ID/passport in order to receive their gift.
Both English and French are OK for solutions and analysis details.
The challenge is not open to teams, only individuals are allowed to apply.
The full contest rules is available at and
1. Maximal total value: 2400€ VAT included.